QUOTS: Qualifying on the Spot - supported by European funding (2008-2010)

The partnership consisted of organisations representing Finland, Netherlands, Spain & UK (Minster), all active in either academic, or private sector,  in implementing recognition of non-formal and informal learning. They all wanted to provide tailor made education to fill the gap between the acquired competences and the required competences.

All partners have an extended network with companies. Selected companies took part in the activities of the project.

The main objectives were: 

  • To improve the quality of Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) by using existing European guidelines (e.g. European Guidelines on Validation Of Non-formal and Informal Learning, 2007) and other instruments ( Quality Code APL, NL2007, EQF).
  • To improve the quality of communication and cooperation with (SME) companies in order to increase the number of persons using APL and achieve a higher quality in the tailor made training

The main outcome was to strengthen organisations working on achieving the Lisbon goals and provide Life Long Learning for workers and unemployed persons.

The  tangible output was the the project website with all the results: presentations; reports on the studies, test results, implementation strategies, tools and good practices. Also the improvements made in each organisation in the 2 years of the project. (http://quots.eu)

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