Led several projects with the Community in Health, Training, Education, job- creation projects, involving empowerment and leadership in the Community.

Advised the Sikh community of Sandwell and Birmingham on various projects concerned with social inclusion and the development of a strategy to tackle issues such as Health, Training & Education, self empowerment, and related social issues.

Developed a Business Plan and Feasibility Study for a Sikh Nursery, Creche & After School Club.

Advised on the development of a Centre for Abused Women in Birmingham; a feasibility study to provide a social enterprise company for the empowerment and personal development of women and children

Chairman of the Trustees of Dudley Social Business Partnership involved with the strategy for the employment of the physically challenged, training programmes. staff development and dissemination of knowledge to European countries.

Organisational Development

Most challenging - diagnosis and achievement of Investors in People standards for an old-style Cathedral (450 people – including voluntary staff) strategically planning the maximising of their potential skills to develop the culture/heritage/tourist aspects of the Cathedral and its surrounding conurbation – attracting European Funds to enable same to be managed cost effectively.  Developing quality standards for the project; project managing and holding the quality for 5 years.  Developing a model capable of transfer to other countries and sectors.  Achieved September 2001- re-assessed and achieved.

Delivered a 5-year strategy for the 4th largest Diocese in the United Kingdom incorporating all levels of management development from Bishops to Parishes Priests – managers through to administrators – all linked to Investors in People programme to attract maximum funding available.

Achieved status August 2002 – re-assessed and achieved


Worked with the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Appointment Secretary on profiling leadership

In the Church of England, the Police, Banking, Shipping etc for the next ten years,  Developed and supported a 2-dayLeadership Consultative Event at Windsor Castle – February 2001 to present year - to be continued and used as basis for Leadership issues. Separately developed a Cross Sector Leadership Programme with the Ministry of Defence Leadership Academy Shrivenham.


Strategy for developing 185 team leaders – recognising their skills and prior learning from their own occupational area linked with their human resource management capabilities to take their organisation towards World Class status.

Involved in identifying issues faced by first line suppliers (chain management) for automotive industry; included identifying best practice and benchmarking to enable them to meet quality standards dictated by international leaders in automotive industry.

Nursing home sector

Diagnosis and strategy to meet the needs of their own management development,  the Annual Registration Inspection to which they are now subject  and the development of individual skills for Care Assistants – leading to quality care for all residents.

Local Authority

Strategy for a Borough Council to benchmark a Customer Service Project capable of application throughout the Council; developing best value.

Developing Council employees to deliver a project to the disenfranchised and long term unemployed using the vocational education standards to support the Social, Emotional and Identity Needs of Individuals by Coaching and Mentoring.(2 programmes)


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